Colo Netball Club
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Monday, 30th of March, 2015
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The HCNA draw is a little confusing in regards to NetSetGo times. At the top of each week they have either 8.30am, 9.00am and 10.30am, however in the body of the draw it states the times as 9.00am....[more]

School Holidays
Just a reminder that this year we only have one week off for over the school holidays. We play this weekend (13th), are off on the 20th, and back on the 27th! Enjoy! ...[more]

COLO CANTEEN DUTY - 9th May and 13th July. Please make plans so that you are able to help out. This is part of the commitment of playing netball (or at least being a netball parent!), and we v...[more]

Photos on Facebook page!
There are some great photos being posted on our Facebook page!  Given that our storage space for things like photos on this website are extremely restricted (to say the least) the Facebook pag...[more]

The new season is about to commence!
Hoping everyone is ready for the new season to kick off! The March Past starts at 8.30am on Saturday 6th April ... looking forward to seeing you all there! GO COLO!! ...[more]

Colo Netball are in need of more umpires. If you are interested, or know of anyone, please contact Carolyn Burgman (Umpires Convenor) on 0459 434 909 or email[more]

Committee Changes
Colo Netball Club would like to welcome Liz Palamara as the new Treasurer (to replace Rachelle Font) and Rachelle Font as the new Vice President (to replace Kim Walker) ...[more]

Thank you Bendigo Bank!
Colo Netball Club would like to announce and welcome the Bendigo Bank as our NEW Major Sponsor. Their very generous donation was well received and will benefit the club greatly. Please be...[more]

Website still having issues
Please accept our apologies for the website being very unstable still.  We are uploading all necessary documents, logos and photos etc but they're just not working.  As previously men...[more]

General Meeting 13th March
There will be a General Meeting on Wednesday 13th March at 7pm at Comelroy School. Some positions are vacant on the Executive Committee of which we have received nominations for. These nominatio...[more]

12-02-2013EFTPOS at Orientation Day!
11-02-2013No Grading day required
11-02-2013Facebook Page - please `like`
24-01-2013Player Grading
24-01-2013EFTPOS at Rego!
21-01-2013January 2013 Newsletter
10-01-2013Registration Forms
04-01-2013Colo Netball Registration
08-10-2012Christmas Raffle Tickets
20-09-2012Colo Netball Club is now on Facebook
16-09-20122012 Presentation Day
20-08-2012General Meeting: August 29th
20-08-2012Colo Netball AGM
14-04-2012Opening Day Times
28-03-2012General Meeting
23-03-2012Attention Coaches and Managers
23-03-2012Uniform Update
19-02-2012Orientation Day 2012
15-01-2012News Letter January 2012

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